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Who We Are

At REVUP, we specialize in guiding oral and maxillofacial surgeon offices to game-changing revenue growth. This is accomplished through utilizing multiple marketing platforms, through agile design & digital experience and a driven sales force. The end result is driven, impactful and results driven marketing.

REVUP Marketing is an integrated agency focused on creating complete and cohesive brand experiences. But we’re not just an agency. We are a GOAL-ORIENTED and RESULTS- FOCUSED partner who is dedicated to your success.

Why use RevUp Marketing


When you work with REVUP, you’re getting a team that is built from distinct skill sets, combined to produce efficient results and solutions. We focus on a friction-free approach, that is ready to listen, not scared to be hands-on, and excited to tackle new and unique challenges and generated double digit revenue growth for your organization.

How it all works

Our Approach

How we’ll work together.
  1. Design-focused, first and foremost. As a team, we’re design-focused across every touch point or interaction. Everything we do and dream up has a solid design impact. We get up and go in the morning, supercharged to make a difference with design as a top-of-mind solution.
  2. Vendor no more – we’re part of your Team. Some brands and businesses need a vendor. Well, that’s just not us. We’ve crossed it out from our virtual dictionaries. It’s dead to us. Instead, we’re a partner, enabler, and true collaborator. We’re a team extension and built around unification.
  3. Senior teams, aiming for stellar impact. All of our service, strategy, design and digital team members are senior-level, ready to take on the world to help you on your mission as a game-changing brand. This is intentional, and built around the logic that to win big, we have to think big.
  4. R is for real results. To us, results are constantly in the line of sight. If we’re not over-delivering on results, we’re not the right partner. From day-one we’re hyper-focused on getting the right results and continuing to bring those to life with our cross-functional teams.

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